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What's the difference between LabTimer and LabTimerPhD?

Just the icon. The programs are identical.

LabTimerPhD provides a way for me to release LabTimer for free while also giving a way to optionally pay money. Plus, if you buy PhD, you get two separate apps, so that's twice the timers.

I'm not getting any alarm sounds when I'm in the app?

Sorry to hear you're having an issue with the alarm sound in LabTimer.

There has been a problem with some iPads related to the system alert sound that LabTimer uses and the physical mute switch near the volume keys. Toggling that switch to mute and back once should clear up the issue. If the physical switch is currently set to toggle Rotation Lock, you will need to change the function of the switch in the Settings first.

It is a bug that has been around for a long time related to a setting change when updating the iOS version on the hardware, but as it affects so few apps, Apple has not corrected it.

Please use the contact address above if you're still having issues.